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AUGUST 8-9, 2019

AUGUST 8-9, 2019

AUGUST 8-9, 2019

AUGUST 8-9, 2019

AUGUST 8-9, 2019

AUGUST 8-9, 2019

AUGUST 8-9, 2019

AUGUST 8-9, 2019



Be a big hero to our little heroes! Save the date, make a donation and help grant a wish! Wishes Can Happen grants the wishes of local children – ages 3 through 21 – with life threatening medical conditions. Each wish has a life changing impact for everyone involved! Over the last ten years — because of your generosity — we’ve raised more then one million dollars in donations! If they can wish it, we can make it happen! Our goal this year is 40 wishes! Can we count on you?



Diagnosed with an undetermined autoimmune disease, CJ has been fighting for his life ALL his life!  He loves Disney movies and his wish is to visit Disneyland!  


Michael was diagnosed with leukemia at 19 years old, making him a bit higher risk. The treatment plan is three and a half long years.  His wish is to visit the Grand Canyon.


Born with 3 separate serious conditions, 4-year-old Billy is a case for the medical books. Having faced 7 surgeries in his life, he looks forward to meeting some of his favorite WWE characters later this year.


DJ is a 10-year-old that was diagnosed with a difficult cancer called Ewing’s sarcoma. DJ continues to ponder what his wish is while undergoing intensive treatment at Akron Children’s and staying at Ronald McDonald House. 


Seven-year-old Kaitlyn was born with a host of medical problems. Cerebral Palsy plus kidney and lung issues don’t keep her down.  Her wish:  visiting Give Kids the World and all the princesses at Disney. 


Layla is a happy little girl with an identical twin sister and brother.  Diagnosed with leukemia, she has lost the ability to walk. Years ago, her mother heard the Wish-A-Thon on the radio and was moved to drive in and make a donation, never dreaming her own child would later be offered a wish.


Diagnosed with cancer, 3 year old Karson is one tough cookie.  Since there are so many things that a little boy like Karson loves, especially dinosaurs and sharks, we’re not sure what wish this little one will dream up!


Jaiden was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  After two brain surgeries, a trip to St. Jude’s hospital will be planned for radiation treatment.  He is currently being wowed by the Jurassic World experience at Universal Studios and will join us on day two of Wish-A-Thon, Friday, August 10th to tell us all about it!

Here’s how your donations
help our Wish Kids


After a life-saving bone marrow transplant from his sister, Eduardo and family visited Give Kids the World in Florida where they enjoyed Disney park, Universal and Sea World.  Look at that smile!


Delaney was born with a rare condition that has causes her family to keep a constant watch to keep her healthy. Prohibited from doing so many activities, Delaney’s wish was for a dog!  She decided on a Goldendoodle and named him Jack Jenkins!  Recently Jack Jenkins alerted the family when Delaney was sick and had to be hospitalized.  What a pair. 


Being a very practical young man, Jared decided on a very practical shopping spree in the Belden Village area.  One item:  After a long battle back from cancer, Jared is back racing dirt bikes.  Prior to each race, the only way to preview the course is on a bicycle.  Part of the shopping spree:  A new bicycle!  


Leah is a young girl who dreams of traveling the entire world and is determined not to let cancer interfere with her plans.  Her wish?  Maui, a sunset luau, a dolphin watching cruise, as well as an all-day VIP tour on the beautiful road to Hana. A great “first stop” on her worldwide tour!


Although he is still a small boy, Liam is a force to be reckoned with!   Fighting cancer, Liam got up close and personal with every superhero he found at the Disney and Universal parks in Florida.  In fact, he ran so hard and fast it took his family a week to recover!


Kenley has pressure in her brain that threatens her ability to see as well as causes her great pain. Her heartfelt wish?  Disney!   Where Kenley was surprised by Elena of Avelor, who told her some of the secrets of her upcoming wish!

Olivea & Caleb

Both Olivia and Caleb have a rare genetic disease that has the potential to cause them to lose the ability to walk, eat and even breathe.  They receive a newly approved and promising drug at Akron Children’s for their condition that they will need the rest of their lives.  A trip to sunny Florida’s parks fulfilled their wish!


Cancer had taken quite a toll on James.  A lover of all history and especially WWII, James chose to visit Pearl Harbor and see the places he’d only read about.  He walked as much as his legs would allow him before getting into a wheelchair and was honored to be in the hallowed area where so many heroes had gone before.


Kaden couldn’t wait to see Mickey and friends so he packed early!  Suffering from brain cancer, this boy is a big fan of all things that “go,”  His wish?  Give Kids the World where you can have ice cream every single day for breakfast!


Faced with incredible challenges of multiple congenital birth defects, Akira has amazed everyone she meets with her stamina.  Her wish?  The Magic Kingdom and the pool at Give Kids the World.


Leighton’s diagnosis is Infantile Batten Disease; a terminal illness that has caused her to regress, losing the ability to see, speak, eat, and more.  Her parents chose a getaway weekend in South Bend.  Along the way, they met a cheerleading squad and Leighton stole their hearts.


Fighting an aggressive cancer, Emilee had but one wish – a big birthday celebration.  The Water’s Edge Vineyard donated a lovely party room, pretty decorations were purchased, caterers were arranged, the perfect cake was designed and a DJ planned to play all her favorite songs. Passing away days before her birthday, friends and family still gathered as planned at The Water’s Edge to honor her.


Allie was born with cystic fibrosis.  She wanted a dog.  She researched and found the perfect dog that would work with her medical condition.  A French bulldog named Luna now resides with Allie and her family.


Daniel is a very energetic boy born with the most difficult form of sickle cell anemia that requires him to take chemo daily.   His wish?  SeaWorld Aquatica Water Park and Universal (where he met his favorite transformer OPTIMUS PRIME!).


Gavin suffers with a severe immunodeficiency and childhood disintegrative order.  His wish enabled he and his family to take their first vacation in “forever”!   Gavin’s two brothers and mom and dad were able to step on the beach for the first time together.  Gavin got to be a kid for the first time in a very long time.


Cam was born with a congenital heart defect  His wish was to go to the amusement parks in Florida and meet all of his very favorite superheroes.  When he wasn’t enjoying the magic of Disney and Universal, he entertained himself at Give Kids the World doing what all kids do at Give Kids the World – eat ice cream for breakfast!


If you can’t come to Springbrook Plaza and donate in person, don’t worry! Donate right here, right now! The average cost of a Wish is at least $5000. How can you help? Simply pick your favorite Mix 941 or New-Talk 1480 WHBC personality listed below. Click, donate and help Grant a Wish! If it’s too hard to pick a team, there’s a donation button for that as well!

Mailing a check? Make your check out to WISHES CAN HAPPEN and mail to Wishes, c/o WHBC, 550 Market Avenue South, Canton, OH 44702. Make a note if you want your donation under a specific team.

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All eyes on us! The Wishes live video feed is just another way you can connect with this great event! We are live 6am August 9th through 6pm August 10th! Watch us on your desktop, tablet or smart phone!



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